About Me

About Me

I made “Create Your Day” because I am a working mom who has struggled with finding harmony between being a great mom, an amazing wife, a confident woman and a hard-working employee. _MG_9972


There are still days of pure chaos, but these don’t bother me near as much. Most days, I make a conscious effort to create my day and design my life. It may not be exactly the way I’d planned, but it is generally a day where my *CDF’s are in focus and (usually) found!


I’ve realized that there isn’t a perfect ‘system’ for organizing my work and life. I’ve spent countless hours finding all kinds of tools and I now have a COLLECTION of tools that work for me. It’s my own “Create Your Day Package” that is specifically created by me for me that allows me to get things done. That’s what I want to help other working women do – create their own Create your Day Package using the Desire Map as a starting point to figure out how they want to feel as they Create the Life they Deserve


I created this space to help you find tools to focus, be joyful, grateful and happier in all the roles you play. You will find ways to have Harmony For Life; whatever that life may look like. I want to inspire you to take action and move one baby step closer to Create Your Day.


*CDF’s – Core Desired Feelings. Mine are: Peaceful, Connected, Strong and Excited.

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~ Shawna Cevraini