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Less Geek Speak, More Love!

I love helping heart-centered entrepreneurs like you weed through the technical mumbo jumbo so that you can focus on doing what you love to do – create! That’s why you’re here, right? To learn how to create your day and focus on doing what you love. Part of that day as an entrepreneur (sometimes MOST of your day!) is your business and work that you are creating. However, the problem is that most of us are amazing at doing what we love, but not so good at the techie crap that we have to do so that our business grows!

That’s where I come in! I will help you learn how to do the techie stuff faster and easier so that you can get back to the good stuff. I can even do the techie stuff for you if you’d rather just stay away from it!

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I’ve been working with computers and technology since I was 14 years old! That’s over 30 years! A Commodore VIC20 was my first computer (*geek alert word). One of my first programs that I wrote was my own multiple choice social studies test (yeah, I’m a nerd who even liked to organize my school paperwork with computers way back then!) My first ‘paying’ computer support gigs were helping my dad and all his work friends learn how to use the computers that their company helped them all buy as an incentive program! I was hooked on helping people with computers ever since! I’ve helped accountants, teachers, students, housewives, business owners, physicians, electricians, office administrators, executives and even grammas with their ‘nerdy’ questions. I love it!

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As a professional organizer and a nerd, my biggest passion is helping you ‘do computer stuff’ as effectively and easily as possible. I’ve worked with many tools for running your business from your desk, your tablet and your phone. I’m all about efficiency so that you can get back to doing the fun stuff! I’m also the first techie person you’ve met who knows that I have not learned everything (it’s impossible with technology as it always changes) and I am constantly trying new apps, using new software and tweaking my toolbox of computer stuff to help you better.

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